Design/Build Process

When deciding to renovate your home you might not know where to start. So you want a new kitchen, who do you call? How do you design it? What type of counter tops do you choose? Should you choose granite or quartz? How much will it cost? With so many questions, you need someone to guide you and make sure you are making the best decisions, you need professionals that understand the process, can answer your questions, provide feedback and ultimately design and build your dream renovation.

The team at Promodeling has heard all of these questions before and we’ve got the experience and know how to navigate the design/build process and deliver exceptional results. Don’t go it alone, hire Promodeling to complete your project successfully. Our team ensures that your project is a success while staying on budget, on time and on point. Read on to understand the steps we take and know what to expect.

1. Initial Consultation

A project specialist meets with you at the office or your home to better understand your needs and wants . Pursuant to your feedback, we define a scope of work and budget.

2. On Location Team Meeting

Guy (CEO of Promodeling), our in house architect and interior designer meet with you on location to discuss in more detail your desires and design preferences and to measure the spaces.

3. Layout Design

The architect designs the project layout while balancing the budget to make sure to account for overall costs including products and workmanship.

4. Polished Design

Interior designer receives the architect’s plans and chooses final finishes and colors.

5. 3D Rendering

The design team creates a 3D rendering of the finished project and presents it to the homeowner for approval. If revisions are needed, the design team makes requested changes and produces new 3D rendering. If all goes well, project advances to build stage.

6. Preconstruction Begins

Materials are ordered and construction of prefabricated products such as custom cabinets commence.

7. Start Of Construction

Promodeling’s team arrives on location with plans and materials and begins building the renovation. By having all necessary components on hand before deconstruction, the project advances smoothly and quickly. You may choose to stay home or leave during the construction phase but the crew is careful to accommodate your choice and complete the job quickly and safely.

8. Closeout

The construction manager and homeowners review the finished project to ensure satisfaction. Any issues noted are quickly corrected and project is closed. You are now ready to enjoy your renovated space.