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When asked to conjure a mental image that you would associate with concrete, do you picture run-of-the-mill sidewalks, bland divider walls and unfinished basement floors? Banish those thoughts from your mind; concrete is one of the most versatile modern construction materials on the market, offering endless possibilities in shapes, designs, patterns and colors.
One of the great attributes of concrete is that it is durable and eco-friendly. Concrete has become an option as a material used for the interior and exterior of your home. Have you thought of concrete countertops? The durability of concrete has led it to become one of the leading choices when it comes to kitchen countertops, especially with modern designers. As a concrete contractor we provide exemplary concrete services from patios and concrete pavers to driveways and custom colored concrete or concrete overlay installations.You will scarcely believe your eyes when viewing the final product. You will need to remind yourself: this is a concrete product! Throw everything you believed you knew about concrete out the window, because concrete has proven to be a very adaptable, resourceful material that is dominating the market.
Promodeling Inc. provides a complete range of concrete remodeling and installation services. The versatility of concrete can enhance the aesthetic of any residential home in the San Francisco area. Our concrete specialists can deliver creative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for interior and exterior remodeling, from flooring and resurfacing to aesthetic staircases and kitchen countertops.

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Concrete: New Endless Options

Explore options you may never have known were possible with concrete. For example, when remodeling a bathroom, concrete can be used in a variety of ways providing an array of textured finishes. Between the concrete sink countertops, the shower concrete flooring to even a concrete bathtub,this material can add a dash of modern minimalism to your bathroom remodeling.
Concrete can easily be imagined as a material used on the exterior of your home, between pavers, architectural concrete, installations of cobblestone or concrete pool decks. There are now more options and choices with concrete. Another example would be stained concrete or custom designed concrete that can give your home a distinctive quality found nowhere else.
Concrete landscaping has become very popular, due to the immaculate finish this type of landscaping provides. The mixture of the wild greens of nature contrasted with the hard lines and varying colors of concrete, creates a beautiful blend of texture and color. Some of the other positive attributes of concrete are that it’s low maintenance, easy to care for and mold-resistant. From the initial pouring to the final architectural aesthetic, Promodeling’s team of professionals will be there with you every step of the way.

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We met with Guy who walked us through the entire process of our kitchen remodel. He took our 1950s kitchen and turned it into this amazing place that I invite people over just to see. His entire staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend Promodeling Inc for any remodeling needs.
Sharon Crenshaw

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