Message From The CEO

While “good enough” may be good enough for many, the Promodeling team strives for more. We want better, not only for ourselves but for each and every client we work with. We want greatness! That’s why we embrace a full-circle approach to every renovation, remodel or construction project.

What exactly is greatness?

Greatness can be broadly defined as a passion to give our all to achieve happiness and contentment for ourselves and others. At Promodeling, we strive for greatness through positive leadership, service to others and pulling together as a team to deliver quality, life-changing results. As a result, our clients are happy and our business continues to grow.

What I’ve learned

As the founder and CEO of Promodeling, I have spent the past decade-plus teaching my team the finer points of our industry – not only the mechanics of construction and renovation but also what reinvented spaces represent to our clients. To many homeowners, a renovation is purely practical – it can expand the home to accommodate growing families, remove out-of-code materials, increase the home’s resale value, address safety issues, etc.
But for others, it’s an emotional exercise. Transforming a space can represent a desire to change one’s surroundings without moving house, a transition to a new phase in life, or simply a bonding exercise between family members. Either way, a renovation can be refreshing, motivating or even cathartic. Through the years, I’ve found that understanding the homeowner’s motivations can help us create the space that exceeds their every expectation.

Our focus is your satisfaction

That’s the basis of Promodeling – delivering exactly what the client needs and wants. Our close-knit team is dedicated to providing life-changing results through skill, grit and teamwork, and it is that dedication that perpetuates our success and enables us to continue to exceed expectations for homeowners throughout the San Francisco Bay area.
With that said, I want to take this opportunity to thank our past, present and future clients as well as each and every member of the Promodeling team for your contributions to our continued ability to bring welcome changes to families of all types and sizes. Thank you for your ongoing loyalty, teamwork and patronage, for it is what keeps us moving forward.
Guy Oren
Founder/CEO, Promodeling