Roofing installation – A Few Important Things to Consider

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Roofing installation might not sound as classy as that of remodeling a kitchen or living room, but it creates a home that is leak proof and safe. Roof of a house protects your entire house from the external elements and hence, it needs to be strong and secured.

So are you all set for remodeling your roof? Looking for a Roofing installation San Francisco Bay Area expert? We at Promodeling Inc. are familiar with different types of roof shapes and materials. With our years of experience in this field we have brought you a few important things that you should know before getting your roof remodeled.


Knowing if roof remodeling is necessary or not

Is your living room continuously getting peppered and you are collecting the leaks in the buckets? Then you must take action immediately else the leaks might get worse with time and become a costly mistake for you.

Therefore, replace or remodel your roof as soon as possible and save your money as well as time. Also, you can incorporate a contemporary look to your house as well as enhance energy efficiency and resale value of your home with a professional roof remodeling. Get in touch with pro roofers like us to make the process a stress-free and effective process.

Finding a Roof Contractor

Hiring a trusted roof contractor is a crucial decision, hence finding the right roofer is also necessary. When you hire a trusted, expert and experienced roof contractor your roof remodeling becomes much easier and better. If you are in search of Roofing installation San Francisco Bay Area experts then you can swear upon us! You can talk to our previous clients and take their feedback on our services.

In general, you can talk to your friends, near and dear ones who have had roof remodeling in the recent past for recommendations. Also, you can search over the internet.

Are minor repairs enough for your roof?

Another thing that you need to consider is to check whether minor repairs are enough for your roof or it needs complete remodeling! And in such scenarios your roof contractor can help you out. They will evaluate your entire roof.

Usually, we at Promodeling Inc. scrutinize the roof thoroughly where we check if –

  • the roof looks old and dirty
  • the roof has chronical leaking problem
  • the house has heating and insulation issues

And then, we discuss with you regarding the condition of your roof and provide you with solutions. If you feel roof remodeling is necessary, then we start our process.

Roofing material that is right for you

Once you decide to remodel your roof the next thing of consideration is the roofing material. The choice of roofing material affects the appearance and performance of the roof; hence it needs to be selected carefully.

Roofing installation


A number of roofing materials are available in the market today. Some of the common materials include Asphalt, clay, wood, metal and slate.  However, you need to keep in mind the availability of the material, local building styles, codes and your budget while selecting the materials. A roof contractor can help in making the right decision here.

Still have queries regarding roof remodeling? Talk to our experts, and we will make your Roofing installation in San Francisco, Bay Area a seamless process. Call us at 510-529-4453 or email us at