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Promodeling Inc Construction Mission Statement

When your project is still in the vision stage, that’s when Promodeling Inc can really help.

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Guy Oren envisioned the concept of a top-notch, one-stop shop kind of setup in the San Francisco Bay Area that can fulfill the dreams of homeowners through customized remodeling solutions. With this goal met, the company has recently expanded in the San Diego area to help homeowners there discover the hidden potential that lies within their homes.
Growing up in Israel, Oren has always had a keen interest in the home and building design. Adopting his interest as a professional career, he started studying Civil Engineering and acquired Bachelors in Management degree from Israel. Bringing his passion together with his business skills, Oren laid the foundation of Promodeling Inc. to empower homeowners and building owners with modernistic design and remodeling.
Leading the team of handpicked experts, Guy Oren is committed to design and create lively, comfortable, and appealing spaces in homes, apartments, and offices. Everyone at Promodeling Inc. is willing to go to great lengths to meet customer’s requirements. Whether you need to install new cabinets in your kitchen or are looking for the complete overhaul of your home, we strive to make the renovation comfortable for inhabitants and easy on the pocket.


Corporate Overview

Promodeling Inc is a premium remodeling and renovation company providing turnkey home and commercial remodeling solutions to our corporate and residential clients in the San Francisco Bay and Greater San Diego areas. We have assembled a team of experts including construction engineers, designers, and builders to maintain the highest quality and invincible customer care in our projects resulting in successful operation and satisfied customers. Promodeling Inc. has evolved into a full-service renovation business with its state-of-the-art inventory and skilled workforce.
At Promodeling Inc, staying at the top of the latest national and international trends in designing, planning, and construction is our mantra. With our innovative thinking and out of the box design perfected by a wide range of cutting-edge technology, we are capable of managing renovation and remodeling projects of all sizes and scope. Our remodeling services range from additions and extensions, flooring, roofing, basement, foundation, to kitchen and bathroom redesigning.

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