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We offer the full range of home addition services throughout the San Diego area.

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Serving San Diego-area homeowners, Promodeling Inc. provides a full suite of top-quality, affordable home improvement services. Our licensed and experienced engineering, carpentry, MEP, concrete and roofing professionals deliver home additions and extensions that meet the unique needs and exceed the expectations of each homeowner we work with.
Do you already have your dream home in a great location, but you find that you need additional space? Whether your family is expanding, you want to host guests, need extra storage space or maybe even a new home office, consider adding to your home. There is no need to pursue a new house when you have an expert team at your disposal to create the space you need!
As a fully qualified, licensed team led by an experienced general contractor, the Promodeling crew works together to deliver a home addition that seamlessly integrates into your existing home and meets all of your needs and surpasses your expectations. Our work is always duly permitted, county-inspected and adds a great deal of value to your property.

What We Deliver

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Our Process

A member of our project management and engineering teams will meet with you to answer your questions and give you an overview of what the project will entail.
We’ll perform a thorough site analysis to take measurements, perform soil quality tests and other relevant tests to identify any special circumstances that must be considered during the execution of the project.
You’ll receive the engineering and design plans for your project to review. Once you’re happy with the plans, we’ll move on to permitting.
We’ll apply for building permits from the county building department, and, once we receive them, we’ll begin construction and scheduling of required milestone inspections.
When we finish the job, including final inspections, and you’re happy with the end result, we’ll ensure all traces of our presence are eradicated and let you enjoy your new space!

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Client Testimonial

We met with Guy who walked us through the entire process of our kitchen remodel. He took our 1950s kitchen and turned it into this amazing place that I invite people over just to see. His entire staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend Promodeling Inc for any remodeling needs.
Sharon Crenshaw

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