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Across the state of California, and in fact across the US, housing issues are ongoing and present problems for many people. Whether housing is scarce or the available housing is just too expensive, many families are opting to remain together under the same roof to save on living expenses.
For those who feel their living space isn’t optimal for adult children, grandparents or other family members to coexist in such close quarters, an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) may be the best solution to expand living space while giving everyone adequate privacy.
So, what exactly is an ADU? There are a handful of different ADU classifications, but they’re all a small dwelling smaller than 750 sq ft on the same property as the main home. Promodeling Inc. can help you solve your space issues with a custom-designed, expertly constructed ADU. An ADU can be the ideal solution for San Diego-area homeowners hoping to convert available space into a high-quality and flexible solution to their need for additional living space. Furthermore, a well-executed ADU can provide you with space to house a family member or even a renter, while also helping to increase your property’s resale value.

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Home office: Working from home? An ADU can provide a comfortable dedicated workspace with its own separate entrance for a more private setting.
Separate-but-private living quarters for adult children: An ADU on your property is a great place for adult children to live independently while saving money.
Increased property value: Having a well-planned and constructed ADU on your property can enhance your property’s value through added utility and increased square footage.
In-law accommodations: Many families enjoy having the ability for a parent or in-law to visit or live with them while maintaining private space for themselves.

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We met with Guy who walked us through the entire process of our kitchen remodel. He took our 1950s kitchen and turned it into this amazing place that I invite people over just to see. His entire staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend Promodeling Inc for any remodeling needs.
Sharon Crenshaw

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