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People often imagine concrete as being a boring, purely utilitarian construction material, but what would you say if we told you that it’s actually one of the most versatile materials used in interior and exterior design around the world? It’s true; concrete can provide endless possibilities in design. With the proper application methods and various admixtures, concrete can provide many different shapes, designs, patterns, colors and finishes.
San Diego-area homeowners love incorporating concrete into their design aspirations not only because of its versatility but also because it’s durable, eco-friendly and timeless. From countertops to stairs inside and patios, driveways and pavers outside, the possibilities are truly endless.
As a team of experienced concrete workers, Promodeling provides exemplary concrete services ranging from installation to maintenance to repair. Not only do we provide a long-lasting, sustainable concrete product, we also strive to give our customers the best possible service for an exceedingly positive experience.

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As the most time-honored and frequently used manmade building material in the world, concrete presents a surprising resourcefulness and remarkable versatility that make it perfect for nearly any building project. For example, an interior remodel can incorporate concrete in a wide variety of ways – flooring, stairs, countertops, columns and more – while offering many options in terms of texture, pattern, finish, color and more. Because of its versatility, we’re able to utilize any number of different admixtures, molds and pouring methods to achieve nearly any desired effect.
For exterior projects, concrete is one of the most useful materials for all sorts of architectural and design elements. Slab foundations, retaining walls, patios, pool decks, walkways, fountains and more can be created using different pouring and molding methods as well as admixtures, aggregates and finishes to produce the intended strength and/or aesthetic.
Concrete is also very low-maintenance and cost-effective, so many homeowners find it a desirable material for both decorative and purely functional components of their home. If you’re planning a new build, remodel, driveway overhaul or any other home improvement project, give us a call to find out how we can help you achieve the outcome you’re envisioning.

Our Remodeling Projects

Outside View Of Elegant Suburban House With Big Window Green Lawn

Bricklayer At Work On A Construction Site During The Laying Of Concrete To Build The Foundations Of A House

Two Wooden Garage Doors With Large Driveways And Concrete Fence. First Floor Three-Car Garage Exterior With Plant Boxes At The Entrance And Pine Trees At The Front.

Outdoor Wooden Couch With A Fireplace

Lounging With An Armchair On The Patio Lecture Fresh Air. 3D Rendering

Opened Glass Doorway To Small Paved Yard With Garden Chairs And Wooden Fence In Daylight

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We met with Guy who walked us through the entire process of our kitchen remodel. He took our 1950s kitchen and turned it into this amazing place that I invite people over just to see. His entire staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend Promodeling Inc for any remodeling needs.
Sharon Crenshaw

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