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When looking for a local base of operations, business owners want a space that will best facilitate smooth day-to-day operations without a high overhead cost. Commercial landlords know this, so offering a flexible space that can appeal to businesses of varying types is a common practice in the Greater San Diego business sector. But how can a building owner offer such a space? After all, every business has different needs. Luckily, it’s easy to transform a space into exactly what a business needs with tenant improvements.
Promodeling Inc. serves building owners and their tenants in the Greater San Diego Area, providing custom fit-outs to give businesses the layout they need to operate smoothly and efficiently. Our team is a full-service one-stop-shop for tenant improvements, offering engineering, design, MEP and more, so regardless of what type of business will occupy the space, we’ve got the interior build covered.

What Are Tenant Improvements?

Tenant improvements, also known as leasehold improvements, fit-outs or build-outs, are modifications made to the interior of a commercial space to best meet the needs of the business that will occupy the space. These improvements are focused on custom semi-permanent interior finishes and do not affect the overall structure of the building. Some examples of tenant improvements include:

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New Construction Tenant Improvements

In new commercial spaces, incoming lessees will often arrive to find the office space in shell condition. This means that the space is partially or completely unfinished; this type of space presents a blank canvas to be customized to suit the specific needs of the incoming business. Cost-wise, this can be ideal, as there will be no demolition or removal required.

Grey Shell Spaces

A space in grey (or cold) shell condition is completely unfinished. You’ll typically find bare stud walls, no electrical or plumbing and unfinished floors. There should be a sewer connection in place as well as a space for new electrical within the main electrical room. There may be an HVAC unit but no ductwork, and the sprinkler system may be installed but not dropped to finished ceiling height. This can prove to be more expensive to fit out due to the added costs of drywall, electrical connections and other features that are typically already in place before a tenant rents it.

Vanilla Shell Spaces

Also called ‘white boxes,’ vanilla shell spaces are close to finished prior to tenant improvements. Spaces in vanilla shell condition usually have basic floors and ceilings, drywall, electrical and plumbing, and basic fixtures. A space in vanilla shell condition can be less costly to complete than grey shell spaces, since the basics are already done and the improvements are typically more for aesthetics than function.
A tenant improvement project does not include details like furniture, decor, etc. In some cases, the cost of completing tenant improvements is covered or subsidized by the building owner, though some landlords will add the cost to the monthly rent amount.

Tenant Improvements In Existing Spaces

Many commercial landlords provide an allowance to cover all or part of the costs related to tenant improvements of an existing space, but it’s important to remember that if demolition and removal are required, that allowance can be spent rather quickly, leaving the tenant with the remainder of the costs. Generally speaking, it is a good idea for would-be lessees to seek a rental space that meets the majority of their requirements so existing finishes and materials can be reused or repurposed to reduce the cost of renovation.

Why Promodeling?

Promodeling, Inc. is a professional construction team with a wide range of capabilities that include engineering and design, project management, custom carpentry, MEP and more. Our San Diego customers trust us because we provide tailored solutions, upfront pricing and fast turnaround. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, we can provide you with the building improvements you need to facilitate the success of your business.

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We met with Guy who walked us through the entire process of our kitchen remodel. He took our 1950s kitchen and turned it into this amazing place that I invite people over just to see. His entire staff were wonderful. I would highly recommend Promodeling Inc for any remodeling needs.
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